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Medical/Dental Supplies & Products

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    Schein Alginate Impression Material Fast Set 1Lb. Also available in Regular Set 1lb
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    Benzo-Jel Topical Anesthetic Cherry 1oz/Jr
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    ProbackĀ®-19x13in/48x33cm. Traditional Crosstex fold with horizontal embossing. Available in blue and green.
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    Double rolled lip for easy separation. Unique embossing for greater strength and easy dispensing. Double coated for lustrous, high gloss finish.
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    Cotton Rolls
    Non-sterile. Quality cotton roll made from 100% cotton. Soft, pliable, with minimal lint. Highly absorbent, maintains shape when wet.
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    Gauze Squares 2x2 cotton filled
    Cotton Filled (Exodontia) Sponges. Made from USP cotton gauze - pure, virgin white cotton with 100% cotton-fiber filling. Highly absorbent.
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    Extra Large Polycoated Headrest Covers
    Measures 10"x13"/25x33cm. Manufactured from soft facial tissue combined with poly. Provides a strong, absorbent fluid resistant barrier.
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    Dental Needles
    Standard Needles 27Ga Long Plastic Hub 100/Bx
    Standard Needles 27Ga Short Plastic Hub 100/Bx
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    Surgical Masks
    Surgical Molded - Splash repellant barrier with flared edge for added comfort with soft, flexible nosepiece.
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    Surgical Masks
    Procedural Earloop - Fluid resistant outer layer with white fluid resistant inner layer.
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    Surgical Masks
    Surgical Tie-On - Fluid resistant outer layer with white fluid resistant inner layer. Extra large panel for surgical procedures with extra long laces for a secure fit when tied.
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    Or-Evac Evacuation Cleaner 32oz/Bt
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    Disposable Prophy Angle Firm White 100/Bx
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    Uni-Pro Prophy Paste Medium Mint 12oz/Ea
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    Saliva EjectorsProvides optimal suction without aspirating tissue. Soft, non-removable tip - bonded to the tube for maximum patient safety.
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    Sanitex PlusĀ®
    EPA Reg. intermediate level disinfectant: Tuberculocidal, bactericidal, virucidal. Kills TB in 6 minutes.
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    Tray Covers
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    Conair Interplak Water Jet
    Flushes out food debris from hard-to-reach places; helps prevent plaque Ideal for cleaning around crowns, bridgework, and orthodontic braces 7 different pressure settings; use with water, mouthwash, or dental rinse Easy-to-clean, 10-ounce tank; convenient 3-foot hose; 5 interchangeable jet tips Easy-fill translucent tank holds water, dental rinse or mouthwash
Medical Supplies
L to R: Gauze, Disposable Gloves, Catheters, Urine Bags, Bandages, Athletic Tape
  • Sterile and Non-Sterile gauze pre-packaged in various sizes
  • Gauze and Elastic bandages in various widths
  • Disposable gloves: Non-Sterile; Powdered and Powder-free; small, medium and large
  • Face masks
  • Sterilization supplies
  • Exam Table paper rolls
  • Ultrasound gel and film
  • Foley catheters 12Fr to 22Fr; 2 way or 3 way, silicone coated latex
  • Examination Room Equipment: Lights, Tables, ECG Machines, Suction Machines, IV Poles, Dressing Trolleys, Screens
  • Incontinence Care
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